1. At His Feet
  2. We Will See the King
  3. Our Victory
  4. One Heart, One People, One Voice
  5. Because My Saviour Lives
  6. Song of the Free
  7. Abiding in You
  8. Let There Be Love
  9. What Shall Separate

A new album from the Exalt Band

One Heart

One People

One Voice

Here we join as one,

the people of our God

In His name we gather,

to hear his voice.

United to our Lord,

and each to each restored

He joins us together

with bonds of peace.

Find out more about the stories behind the lyrics on One Heart One People One Voice.

When we wrote these words, we pictured God’s people gathered physically, encouraging one another in an expression of unity. Since then, it feels like everything has changed!

And yet, it hasn’t. We are joined together in Christ by bonds that will never be broken: not by physical distancing, not even by death.

In times like these, there are really no new words, only old ones. In his song What Shall Separate, Dan Conway draws on words from Paul’s letter to the Romans. Words that have been a comfort to so many for so long. Words of reassurance to people facing persecution, discouragement, anxiety, sickness and death.

What shall separate us from Christ? Neither depth nor height, nor death nor life! What shall separate us from the love of God In Jesus Christ our Lord?

True now, and true forever. We pray that this album will be a comfort and a blessing to you and to those you love.

Using these songs

The songs At His Feet, We Will See the King, One Heart, Song of the Free and Let There Be Love are available on CCLI to use in churches with their regular Song Select accounts. We will add the rest of the songs as soon as we are able.

The lead sheets are free for anyone to download. If you’d like to copy and use them for church, you can also register their use with Song Select.

If you are meeting in homes, feel free to use the recordings and sheet music as suits your needs.

About the Exalt Band

We're a bunch of singers, musicians, songwriters and mates who come together every year or two from a variety of churches for the Exalt Music Ministry Conference in Perth, Western Australia. We get our kicks out of hearing God's people sing.

We're committed to writing the kind of songs that we would also choose for our own churches to sing. Songs with theological depth and powerful language. Songs that engage the emotions. Songs with appealing and memorable melodies. Songs that are easily reproducible in the average church. Songs that bring glory to Jesus.

For our album One Heart, One People, One Voice, we've focused specifically on songs that draw us together as the people of God, and that focus on our identity and life together as a church. Those of you who choose songs to sing in church may have noticed a gap in these themes in mainstream Christian worship music.

We've still got our regular writers Liz Gordon and Scott Robinson, plus some fabulous new writers and artists, Tenielle Neda, Chelsea Cullen, Tobin Powell and Dan Conway. The record has been produced again by James Newhouse, who is a WAMI award-winning sound engineer.

Equipping pastors, leaders, musicians, singers, and sound technicians to make music that builds our churches and exalts our great God and glorious Saviour.